* Reiki changes and heals every area of life that needs healing.
        Healing takes place as a result of the energy raising the vibrations of a being/object
        closer to that of the original or ideal design.

* It assists in manifesting goals and desires.

* It works at healing relationships, between people or objects;
        wherever there is disparity and imbalance, the energy will reinstate order and stability.

* The energy can be used to heal and balance anything in the past or the present .

* Reiki can be sent to any situation that will occur in the future, to ensure the best results possible
         (to be balanced and harmonious).

* Reiki brings healing to situations that you may not yet be aware of.
         When an area in your life is healed, the altered energy will bring change to all other areas of your life.

* Once attuned to Reiki the energy is constantly available to the healer.
          With Reiki we can heal ourselves, our family and anybody or any thing in need of healing.

* In the process of healing we are never drained of our own energy.
          This is ensured by the attunement given by the Reiki master.

* Reiki practitioners often channel this energy for world peace.
          Healing can also be sent to distressing situations.
          There is no limit to the ways in which this wonderful healing energy can be used
          for the good of all.

Anyone can be attuned to Reiki energy,
Attunements for many, are a transformative experience, but the real benefit is the ongoing changes that take place on all levels.
Reiki becomes a way of life that enhances your physical, emotional and spiritual well being and that of those around you.
It gives us a way dealing with every day stresses before they affect our personal and working lives, a way that is instantly at hand.
Reiki puts you in control of your own well being.

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