Reiki is one of the greatest gifts that you can give and receive


This is the introduction to Reiki.
We teach the student how to access and open up to Universal Life Force Energy.
At this level, you learn the history of Reiki, and what this energy is,
as well as specific hand positions.
You can learn how to incorporate Reiki into your daily life.
At this level the person is attuned and connected to the Reiki source of healing energy.
You are then capable of performing healing on yourself and others,
through hand positions you will learn in this level. 

In Traditional Reiki, there are attunements given.
Each time an attunement is given a special link is created between you and the Reiki source.
In Reiki 1 (First Degree Reiki), the attunement serves to remind you that you are connected
to a limitless energy source, and to open the channels to this source, which in our opinion,
represents our Creator, Higher Power or Intellegence, or as you may refer to GOD.

With the first degree in Reiki, the attunements focus primarily on the physical body
and the opening up of the Chakras in order to channel greater amounts of life force energy.
Your vibratory rate raises during the attunements, thus opening up the Chakras
to receive, and channel, this energy.

The attunements are very precise and can be transmitted only by a Reiki Master
trained in the method of Mikao Usui; the rediscoverer of Reiki.
The attunement is given by means of an ancient Tibetan method;
enabling the student to absorb and channel Reiki.
This process opens up a purified channel in the body
through which energy flows. The student now becomes a channel.
The channel only has to place his or her hands gently on or slightly above the person
in need of healing and Reiki flows automatically.
When a Reiki practitioner starts healing, the energy enters through the crown chakra
and flows down to the hara or root chakra and during the process of healing
the energy flows out through a small chakra in each palm.
The Reiki practitioner does not get depleted of his or her own energy as energy required
is drawn from the Source through the purified channel.
Attunements are a common factor in all three degrees of Reiki.
With each attunement the amount of energy channeled goes up.


Introduction and any personal experiences of Reiki
The origins and history of Reiki
Benefits of Reiki and how it can be used
Basic anatomy and physiology
Hand positions for self treatment and treatment of others
Reiki principles taught and discussed
Supporting yourself and your environment with Reiki
The 21 day cleanse explained
The importance of self healing and self responsibility will be discussed
Chakras and their uses within Reiki will be explained
Reiki Second Degree explained
Advice on legal usage and your professional responsibilities
Reiki attunements
Presentation of First Degree Certificate
pre-requisites - An openness to receiving the Reiki energy

Perhaps the most important question regarding the information you will receive during this class is,
"How can this information be used most effectively?

How can it make a positive difference in my life, and in the life of those around me?"
Most essentially, Reiki is a tool to be used for self-healing and healing of others.

What is Reiki?

History of Reiki?

Highlights Of Reiki Healing

Benefits of First Degree Reiki

Benefits of Second Degree Reiki

Benefits of Reiki Master

Reiki Books