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Earth's Birth Changes

Paperback - 277 Pages
Published - 1994
By St. Germain and Azena Ramanda

Apart from revealing unknown, revolutionary facts about Earth's and humanity's history,
St. Germain affords the reader elating and in depth insights into matters spiritual.
The upheavals, the unrest and torment within humanity at this time are the
contractions and labour pains heralding a birth of an incomprehensible, cosmic
magnitude. The decade before and after the turn of the century represent the
culmination - the Harmonic Convergence - of a 200 million year evolutionary
cycle: Earth and her children, in unison with the Solar system and thousands of
galaxies, are birthing into a new dimension.

From the shores of eternal being, from the Council of Light, comes one called
St. Germain to assist in this birthing process. As he bares his heart in love and
compassion, rekindling an ancient memory, he transforms the prophecies of Old,
of looming calamities and trepidation, into shining, new horizons without
circumference. His words are carried by an air of urgency for the changes are
imminent; quote: "the acceleration is becoming exponential".
His gift to us is not approximate statement but the promise of fact:
freedom for humanity.

What is more, he unfolds a vision for humanity of such grandeur, that it renders
the uninitiated speechless. If the historian and the scientist only as much as
consider the information presented here, they will have to revise their
certainties, for their facts are at risk. Unravelling a tapestry of dazzling beauty
for humanity, the thrilling joy of St. Germain's message is contagious, is of
effervescence and jubilance: the transition from separation to the union of
Oneness with all Life - the age of Love - the Golden Age Of God.