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EAGLE & THE ROSE: A Remarkable True Story

Paperback - 303 Pages
Published - 1995
By Rosemary Altea

Altea, an English clairvoyant and medium, has written a riveting autobiographical
account of the discovery and development of her extraordinary psychic abilities.
She describes with poignancy the trials of growing up in an abusive family in which
her psychic talents were neither accepted nor recognized.
It was not until she was 35 years of age that she met someone who was able
to help her understand her psychic gifts. She then refined these gifts and
began giving consultations to people seeking to contact deceased relatives
and friends. As Altea presents case histories from her own work, she takes the
reader on a fascinating excursion into the unseen world she perceives as well
as providing compelling evidence for life after death. In many cases, her
information is extremely accurate and difficult to dismiss. Altea's story is
valuable for those seeking to contact deceased loved ones as well as for those
who have grown up in dysfunctional families.