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Divination-Sacred-Tools-for-Reading-the-Mind-of-God $22.00

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Divination: Sacred Tools for Reading the Mind of God

Hardcover - 232 Pages
Published - 2007
By Paul O'Brien

How do divination systems work? Do they work?
Can the interpretation of tarot cards, planetary alignments and numbers really
help you achieve success and happiness?
Many assume that such arts are just fortune telling, but according to the new book
Divination: Sacred Tools for Reading the Mind of God, this is not the half of it.
Author Paul O'Brien explains how authentic divination systems can serve as
a two-way communication with the divine faculty of intuition within us, whereby
we can receive feedback that is meaningful and that helps us make the right
moves at the right time. The book not only explains how divination systems
work (according to the research of depth psychologist Carl Jung), it also details
the history of the classical divination systems, the opposition of the church,
the role that divination has played east and west including in the bible, and
the online use of divination systems in modern times.