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Designing-your-Own-Tarot-Spreads $14.00

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Designing Your Own Tarot Spreads

Paperback - 156 Pages
Published - 2003
By Teresa Michelsen - Out of Print

Handle every topic with confidence and clarity as you learn to design readings
that really answer the question asked. Why rely on the Celtic Cross or
Past-Present-Future spread when you can develop layouts that reflect your
personal style and your client's concerns?
This book covers all the fundamentals of spread design with examples and exercises.
Now you can tailor your spreads to the questions your clients ask every day.

Teresa Michelsen is a tarot reader and instructor with more than 25 years of experience reading tarot.
She is well-known on the tarot e-mail lists under her reading name of Thrysse,
and has published many articles on tarot on the worldwide web and in ATA
publications. Teresa teaches on-line tarot courses for beginning and
intermediate readers, and has published her first book on Designing your Own Tarot Spreads in 2002.
Her award-winning tarot website,, is a favorite destination
of tarot readers who come for her lessons and articles on tarot, her examples of
completed tarot readings, and beautifully laid-out pages on tarot cards and
Teresa lives near Seattle, Washington, and in addition to her tarot work,
has home-based businesses in environmental consulting and mediation.