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Creating with the Angels: An Angel-Guided Journey Into Creativity

Paperback - 232 Pages
Published- 1993
By Terry Lynn Taylor

Creating With the Angels is a creativity workbook that offers powerful exercises
to help readers draw inspiration from the angels, or Muses, for writing, art,
and other expressive forms.

Creative expression is essential to good mental and physical health, and a proven key to happiness.
And yet many of use are convinced that we have no creative ability and/or only certain talents
and achievements can be deemed creative.
Angel expert Terry Lynn Taylor wants us to know that inspiration from the angels and Muses is always available.
The exercises and techniques used in Creating With the Angels encourage the reader to explore his or her own
special creativity as well as opening to new talents, all with the divine help of the angels.

The angels want us to know that all of us are creative beings and that to be fully happy
and alive we must express this creativity on a regular basis.
Along with writing and art exercises, the reader will explore the angelic realm through guided journeys,
focusing on mandalas, knowing how to use the seasonal forces, learning how
colors influence us and how the angels use color and light as their own language.
Case histories of how many people became aware of their creative talents when
they began playing with the angels are included.