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Cosmic Family

Paperback - 276 Pages
Published - 1995
By Gabriel Sedona

Editorial Review

Cosmic Family, is authored, we learn, by many beings of higher intelligence of semimaterial and spiritual composite.
Gabriel of Sedona was named the Audio Fusion Material Complement by the Universal Father and is,
at this time, the only authorized human communicator.

Gabriel of Sedona, therefore, presents us with new concepts, revelations and preparation for the time of the "change point" when a new government of Christ Michael (Jesus) is appropriated. The Cosmic Family, Volume I is, essentially, a challenge...daring the minds of us who have accepted yesterday's reality and its inability to bring us true happiness, peace and harmony.

The beings of higher intelligence through Gabriel, identify and relate how and why we were trapped in these ineffective patterns ...and contrast this with the time when Earth/Urantia is cleansed and returns to God's plan. The challenge is twofold. Can we honestly assess ourselves and our contribution to the current state of our planet? And...can we accept the words that Gabriel broadcasts here and the dimensional shift required to bring about the positive changes necessary?

Gabriel of Sedona is a visionary. The Cosmic Family, Volume I is a workbook and road map of these visions and will appeal, in this reviewer's opinion, to all open-minded people seeking a better way... for themselves and planet Earth!
-- Richard Fuller, Senior Editor of Metaphysical Reviews