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Complete Idiot's Guide to I Ching
 Out of Print

Paperback - 336 Pages
Published - 2001

By Elizabeth Moran, Master Joseph Yu and Joseph Yu

The Complete Idiot's Guide to the I Ching addresses many questions:
What is the I Ching? Who wrote it? How does it work?
How is an oracle written 3,00 years ago relevant to the modern world?
How can I use the I Ching to answer a question, concern, or dilemma?
How does the I Ching relate to chaos theory, theoretical physics, psychology, and mathematics?

In The Complete Idiot's Guide to the I Ching, you'll learn that this revered work
is not just a silly book of fortune-telling, a superstitious relic catering to the
gullible and vulnerable.
Rather, you'll come to understand the I Ching is a profound work grounded in
science and mathematics. That somehow, magically and mysteriously,
it connects us with the universe (or what you may choose to call the great
unknown, the sea of consciousness, the spirit world, God) to provide a
meaningful answer that speaks to our situation.