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Comes the Awakening:
Realizing the Divine Nature of Who You Are (A Pleiadian Book)

Hardcover - 233 Pages
Published - 2001

By Lia Shapiro

This Pleiadian book has reached "cult status" after more than ten years on the market.
With each new reading, it continues to offer powerful channeled messages that
will at once, awaken the soul, stir the heart and take the reader to the next level
of their own personal awakening.
Lia Shapiro's book is channeled from a Pleiadian perspective,
one that speaks directly to our higher intelligent mind and creates spiritual awakening in the process.
It is a positive and inspirational book where complex matters are presented in
an easy to read format and which will become very personal to you.
You will learn more about your world, yourself, your present and your future, as
well as your spiritual paths and where they may lead.
Questions will be answered for you, such as, Where is God?
What is my relationship to God? Why am I here? What happens to me after I die?
What is the right path for me? How can I change my life for the better?
How does my past life affect the present?
How do we affect the weather, earthquakes and other phenomena?
Can the past, present and future all exist at the same time?
How can I go back in time to heal the pain and suffering from my past or to even change it?

Comes the Awakening brings a message from the Pleiadian realm, reminding people
that they are powerful and spiritual beings whose very soul contains the Light of God.
The book is packed with personal and revealing, sometimes startling, and often
controversial messages, yet, it is always a message that is brought with love, concern and compassion.

Messages from “Comes the Awakening” have already touched thousands of lives
from around the world, as people are remembering their connections to the
universe and to their own souls.
They are waking up and coming back to who they really are!

Frequently, we have heard from people how easy the book is to read and to understand.
It is not simple material, but it is an exceptionally well written book.
The words, sentences and paragraphs flow like a small stream growing into a huge river.
Readers looking for spiritual guidance will certainly find Lia Shapiro's material easy to access and apply...
a joy to read...over and over again, and always learning something new every time!