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Change-Your-DNA-Change-Your-Life $14.95

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Change Your DNA, Change Your Life!

By Robert V. Gerard

February 1, 2000 - Paperback
Change Your DNA, Change Your Life is a journey to better health, self-healing, and emotional freedom. It will take you to the edge of your imagination, unlock doors of limitation, and propel your creativity to dimensions of which you once only dreamed.

Totally rewritten to reflect feedback from our readers, this new edition (formerly known as DNA Healing Techniques) has been written with YOU mind. It empowers the individual to perform this gift from Source.

Over 10,000 people around the globe have ad their DNA Activated, a genetic acceleration to health, joy, and peace. They have reported consistent results and life changes that humanity has long sought to acheive.

Now, let the power of your intent reach its highest potential - Self-Empowerment Healings through DNA Activation.

Contained within this book are step-by-step instructions that can change your life forever. With thes results-oriented techniques you too can experience: Lifes purpose & destiny, emotional stability, Life without fear, improved nutrition, clarity of thought, detachment from "hot-buttons", peace and fulfillment, improved relationships, and spontaneous healings.