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Cakes and Ale for the Pagan Soul:
Spells, Recipes, and Reflections from Neopagan Elders and Teachers

By Patricia Telesco
Paperback -
April 1, 2005

Call them elders, teachers, priests, or priestesses:
they are the forefront of a growing movement known as neo-paganism.
This renaissance in pre-Christian religions represents a wide range of belief
systems, such as Wicca, neo-Druidism, and other earth-based faiths.
Compiled by pagan author Patricia Telesco, CAKES AND ALE FOR THE PAGAN
SOUL offers 50 hearty doses of magic, wisdom, history, and humor for modern
witches and druids. Notable contributors include Margot Adler (Drawing Down
the Moon), Starhawk (The Spiral Dance), Raymond Buckland (Buckland’s
Complete Book of Witchcraft), and many more. This A-to-Z compendium covers
diverse topics such as community, mindfulness, children, and ritual, weaving a
colorful tapestry of modern pagan views and values. You’ll be regaled with
insightful stories and read tips about integrating pagan practices into the
modern world through ritual and activism. Contributors also share recipes for
their favorite incense blends, purposeful potions, and magical menus.
So, take a seat on the communal hearth, and let CAKES AND ALE fill you with
the warmth, sustenance, and inspiration every neo-pagan needs.