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Anti-Aging-Manual $49.99

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Anti-Aging Manual: The Encyclopedia of Natural Health

By Joseph Marion

This superbook - Paperback (1685 pages) is the most comprehensive, yet well-organized, natural health book in print, organizing the entire holistic field.

Contains information on:

  • 90 vitamins
  • 100 minerals
  • 55 proteins
  • 450 power foods
  • 900 herbs plus neurotransmitters, hormones
  • 1600 disease conditions

    A huge index makes it rather easy to find what you are looking for. The massive, up-to- date database even includes the newest supermineral discovery, Indium.

    Author Joseph Marion has dedicated almost 25 years of work in the natural foods industry studying, researching and gathering information on purely natural healing elements and techniques. This interest has resulted in crafting the Anti-Aging Manual, a 1700-page nutrition almanac, that is unsurpassed for its clear, concise style and breadth, in organizing a sometimes complex and misunderstood field of knowledge, but critical for healthy Immunity.

    This manual is a practical study guide for successfully educating health professionals and lay persons in the most effective applications of natural disease-prevention and health care yet published.

    Everyone can use Marion's guide for optimal health. This work pushes forward the frontier of knowledge and shows that, Yes, the Great Spirit is in control, and has provided every element humans need for vibrant health and consciousness here on planet Earth in an incredibly balanced and unified system.

    All that people need to do is open their minds to the endless power and grace provided by divinity through nature. Joseph Marion has proven once again that every great accomplishment, though once impossible, is really within the reach of human consciousness, whenever you realize it.