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Ancient Pagan Symbols

By Elizabeth Goldsmith

Paperback - 220 pages
Some symbols reappear in endless variations throughout the ages, for they communicate a subject we never grow tired of -- the essence of the life force. Elisabeth Goldsmith traced the sources of these symbols to the ancient pagan religions of the Far and Middle East. Here, she provides the significance and cultural context for a wide array of symbols, including: the elements; the lotus; the Tree of Life; the dual principles or the active and passive forces that create life; the cross; the serpent; the Chinese trigrams; the four supernatural creatures of the Chinese; animal symbolism in Chinese art; the sun; the moon; the wheel; the swastika; ancient goddesses and gods (including the twice-born), sacred birds and animals; the trisula; the triangle; and many others that defy classification. As well as being an important study for students of earth religions and symbolism, Ancient Pagan Symbols is a handy reference for travellers who want to undertand the meaning of the art and artifacts encountered during their sojourns in the cradle of civilization.