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Hardcover - SubTitle: A Celestial Guide to the Powers of Your Own Guardian Angel
By Simha Seraya & Albert Haldane - Each of us has our very own guardian Angel to watch over us in times of need and ensure our success in love, work, financial matters, and other important areas of life. This enlightening book reveals how your guardian Angel can vitalize your life, inspire solutions to your most difficult problems, and guide you to the brilliant destiny known only to your Angel and the Divine. Guardian Angels exist to protect you, to reinforce your connection with the spiritual realm, and to awaken you to your full potential -- and yes, even to create miracles. Angel Signs shows us how to discover the power of our celestial guides. Drawing on both age-old wisdom and contemporary study of ancient texts, each Angelscope includes a profile of the influential people who share your particular sign. Here you will learn the signs for people who are your best romantic, creative, and career matches. Also included are a list of notable people born under each Angel's influence, an inspiring and powerful invocation, and much more. Your Angelscope provides deep knowledge of your guardian and an unfailing method for summoning your Angel to your side for companionship, direction, and support throughout your life.