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By Silver Ravenwolf
Spells are magical rituals. Magical rituals may also be spells (though there are many different types of rituals). A spell, then, is an act of magic in which energies are raised, “programmed” with a magical need (such as love or money) and directed to do their work. A few spells are secret; most are not. Secret spells aren’t more effective than their non-secret cousins. Any spell will work, provided that it’s been properly written, and provided that it’s properly performed. Spells usually consist of gathering together the needed items, charging them with power, and using them in some fashion. Herb spells are among the easiest to master. In this guide, I’ll use the words “spell” and “ritual” interchangeably. - You have the ability to create a life filled with love. The key lies in your willingness to recognize your own power, and to enlist a little help from the universe. Magick is the art of transformation-changing thought into form to manifest good things, or to banish negativity from your life. Use magic to create change, beginning with yourself. Love magick is to get you going in the right direction-it is not intended to overpower the free will of another. Along with romance, there are all sorts of loving relationships in our lives that need tending, including those with our parents, siblings, children, friends, teachers, and pets. Silver's Spells for Love shows you how to work with the energy of love to manifest positive changes in your life. Does your current relationship need a spicy boost? Try an herbal aphrodisiac incense. Want to secure a great relationship? The Seven-Knot Love Spell can help. From igniting passion with candle magick to ending a relationship gone sour with a lemon spell, Silver's Spells for Love will show you over 100 ways to get, keep, or even dispel love! Learn how to: Prepare incenses, oils, and powders for love ... Use a magick mirror for love divination ... Attract romance and lasting love ... Bring a loving pet into your life with magick ... Find out what an old lover is up to ...· ...and discover how powders and poppets, potions and notions can make your love life magickal! This delightful spellbook offers charms and chants and all manner of magick for banishing loneliness, infusing existing relationships with new passion, and attracting an abundance of love. Whether you want to keep, find, or even toss love, just consult your little pink book!