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Rejuvenation $19.95

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Paperback - SubTitle: Strategies for Living Younger, Longer & Better
With CD
By Joe Slate
It doesn't matter if you're 38, 58, or 88--regardless of your current age, you possess the inherent potential to rejuvenate and recreate yourself. Rejuvenation presents 45 anti-aging strategies, many of which were developed by the author in a research laboratory setting. These age-defying strategies will empower you to increase the length and quality of your life by protecting and fortifying your own innermost energy system. Using the proven methods in this book, you will: - Learn eight strategies for thwarting the effects of negative stress - Energize biological systems and influence brain activity through self-hypnosis - Follow a seven-day plan designed to initiate an upward growth spiral that counteracts aging and promotes continuous renewal of the mind, body, and spirit. - Rejuvenation also includes a CD featuring medications and exercises from the seven-day plan. Activate your internal fountain of youth and look forward to many more years of health and happiness. In the following excerpt, author Joe H. Slate, Ph.D., describes the positive impact that these rejuvenation practices can have upon our lives: Each of us is endowed with the energies of life and the powers of personal consciousness. By living younger, longer, and better, we can learn new approaches for achieving our goals, overcoming obstacles, conquering adversity, and living a more productive life. By keeping our minds youthful, creative, and dynamic, we can find more effective ways of acquiring new knowledge, discovering our inner landscape, re-energizing the mind, and finally realizing our highest potentials. In a word, we can become empowered. Having achieved personal empowerment, we can, in turn create a better world for ourselves and our children. The rejuvenation strategies presented in this book are structured to uncover abundant new sources of power, with within ourselves and beyond. Through our rejuvenation efforts, we discover that we can take command of our lives and the forces that affect our existence. We discover that we can set goals and achieve them. Even more important, we discover that we can determine our ultimate destiny.