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Paperback - SubTitle: Knowing the Goddess Through Her Sacred Symbols
By M. Isidora Forrest - Out of Print
Making offering is one of the most important ways human beings communicate with the Goddesses and Gods. Hallowed by tradition, empowered by magic, offering was a vital part of the worship of every Egyptian Deity. With Offering to Isis, it is also a powerful way modern Neo-Pagans, Wiccans, Neo-Egyptians, Hermetics, Magicians, and others interested in Her can develop their own relationship with one of the most enduring and beloved Goddesses of all time-the Egyptian Goddess Isis. Offering to Isis introduces you to the theory and practice of these ancient Egyptian rituals, and shows how they can be used today for spiritual growth and sacred magic. The simple act of making offering has many facets-devotion, meditation, communion, thanksgiving, and more. It is also an active form of prayer and a way to participate directly with the creative energy of the universe. Lyrical and literate, this guidebook features an easy-to-use ritual dictionary that fully explains seventy-two symbolic offerings to Isis-the "sacred symbols" of the Goddess-and provides beautifully written invocations that you may use in making your own offerings to Isis.