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Paperback - SubTitle: Her Worship & Magick
By deTraci Regula
Goddess of Love and Great Mother. These are the best-known aspects of the goddess known as Isis. But She is much more than that. She is a universal goddess, and calling Her the Goddess of all Goddesses is appropriate. In The Mysteries of Isis you'll discover Her fascinating associations with the deities of Egyptian, Asian, Greek, Roman, Celtic, Scandinavian, and even Christian pantheons. Isis in all Her aspects is thoroughly explored in this comprehensive book. Written by diTraci Regula, a Priestess of Isis, The Mysteries of Isis presents rare and ancient texts on Isis in an accessible form, to ground you in the foundations of Isis worship today. You will gain an enormous amount of practical information and many simple techniques to create your own unique relationship with Isis. After 6,000 years, Isis is still with us. She has enduredand so has the yearning in human hearts for the divine touch of this goddess. With her abundant array of aspects and faces, Isis offers a rich focus for worship, magic, and spiritual growth. Bring the power of Isis into your life when you practice the secret Isian mysteries in The Mysteries of Isis, the most complete book ever on Her history and modern practice.