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Paperback - SubTitle: Visions of the Tree of Life
By Kala Trobe
Enter into the mystery of the Qabalah by a direct inner journey, discovering for yourself the Divine realms of Being and Becoming. Magic of Qabalah presents the Tree of Life in a way that resonates with the modern seekernot as a static, arcane system that is only to be studied and pondered, but as a living structure that allows experience of and interaction with the primal forces of Creation. Sphere by Sphere and Path by Path, you will climb the branches and taste the fruit of the Tree of Life. Myths and symbols, energies and entities are revealed as living beings that form the body of the universe of which you are a partand of which you can partake as you remake your world in the image of your will. This book includes: Specific guidance for connecting with the Tree of Life - The qualities, symbols, and purposes of each Sphere and Path - Guided visualizations for internalizing Qabalistic energies - Explorations of traditional and contemporary applications The connection with the Tarot - "A Qabalistic Tale:" a story based on Tree of Life symbols - Chapter-by-chapter journeys into each of the ten Spheres