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How-to-Get-Everything-You-Ever-Wanted $14.95

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Paperback - SubTitle: Complete Guide to Using Your Psychic Common Sense
By Adrian Calabrese
Perhaps you've seen the bumper sticker with the slash sign through the word "whining." Have you ever noticed how there are so many whiners around? Are you one of them? Do you complain about not having enough money, love, health, fame, friends, or something else? - Well, from now on it doesn't matter if you've been whiner. That's because you don't have to be in need any more thanks to Adrian Calabrese's book, How to Get Everything You Ever Wanted. Everything? Not just what you need, but everything you want? Is that possible? Not only is it possible, but with the help of the meditations, techniques, rituals, and wisdom in this book you will find that it is actually easy to do! - You may be wondering why, if it is so easy, more people don't have everything they want. There are several answers to this. - First, a person has to learn how to develop their psychic and spiritual abilities to get everything in motion. In this book you will do just that, learning how to work with psychic energy, psychometry, visualization, breathwork, dream programming, self-hypnosis, and more. You also need the theoretical background so you can follow the simple, six-step process that will bring you all of your desires. All of this information and more is provided. - Some things need just a bit of explanation to work beyond your dreams. For example, you have to know that any affirmations you use must always be written in a positive way. If there is a lack in your life you can't say "There is no lack in my life." Instead you could use "Abundance and prosperity replace lack in my life, and I always have all that I need." - This is the book you need if you are really ready to bring wealth instead of poverty, joy instead of sorrow, health instead of illness, and if you really want to achieve all of your goals.