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How-to-See-and-Read-the-Aura $8.95

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Paperback - By Ted Andrews
Our bodies are centers of powerful energies. Now you can learn to see those energies, strengthen them and use them with the help of Ted Andrews' book, How to See and Read the Aura. In this book you will discover what the aura is, learn about its various levels, and how to strengthen it. Did you know that a poor diet, stress, and negative habits can lead to a weak aura? Seven other causes of a weak aura are given, too, so you can avoid them. You'll learn how your aura interacts with others. Did you know that just being around other people can leave you feeling drained? It's true! But this book gives you techniques to keep your aura balanced and vibrant so you have plenty of energy all the time. Having this information is vital to your health. But you can use it even if you can't see auras. So why should you want to see it? Because your aura and changes within it reflect physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of your life. By understanding the swirls of colors and energies of the aura you may be able to stop illness before it starts. You will detect stress before it physically causes problems. And since stress causes or contributes to many serious physical ailments, being able to see the aura may actually save your life! The author gives many exercises that will help you learn to work with and see the aura. You'll learn how to push and pull on the aura. You'll discover how to sense subtle energies. You'll learn a special way of looking at your hands that will quickly train you to see your own aura. And, of course, you'll learn how to see the auras of others. The aura, of course, is composed of mysterious energies. This books shows you how to easily construct tools that will let you make use of those energies. The book includes easy instructions on how to make dowsing rods, to help you measure the size of anyone's aura. You'll also learn how to easily construct a pendulum, which can help you work with aura energies to answer questions that are puzzling or troubling you: "Have I lived before?" "Is my promotion going to come through this week?" "Have I had psychic experiences before?" "Do I have a soul?" Both the dowsing rods and pendulum can be made with simple objects from around your home. You'll also learn about the chakras; what colors in the aura mean; rituals to strengthen and protect your aura; special breathing exercises; the cleansing vortex; and much more. This exciting book will give you all the information you need to easily, quickly, and safely learn to see the aura and work with the energies that comprise it. It can help you understand others, predict ailments, and keep yourself strong, balanced and healthy.