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Freedom-from-the-Ties-that-Bind $11.95

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Paperback - SubTitle: The Secret of Self Liberation
By Guy Finley - No one but you controls the way you think, feel, and respond to external events. The responsibility for freeing yourself from self-punishing patterns must begin with you. But how can you bridge the gap between realizing the truth of this concept and actually learning to use it to pursue something better? You'll find the answers in Freedom From the Ties that Bind by Guy Finley. This book is about transforming your inner life, the only way to make any real and lasting change in your outer life. It's about learning how to live in a bright and brand-new world every day, where your greatest pleasure is the natural procession of your own life's events. This is a book that changes lives. You'll learn: The secret of knowing without thinking - How to be the ruler of your own reactions - How to stop seeking approval - How to win new spiritual strength - Thirty keys to change your destiny - Ten truths that prove you have nothing to lose - If you've been unhappy, Freedom From the Ties that Bind will help you discover how to make your life better. And, if your life is good now, this book will help you find new levels of bliss.