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Paperback - SubTitle: How to Find Water, Wealth & Lost Objects
By Richard Webster - Dowsing, the ability to psychically locate hidden items, is easy to learn when you get Richard Webster's Dowsing for Beginners. The most common method of dowsing involves the use of two wands or a forked divining stick. These are used as indicators or amplifiers of your own psychic abilities. Does it work? Even modern governments use dowsers. In 1931, the government of British Columbia employed Miss Evelyn Penrose as an official dowser. In World War I, the Australian Expeditionary Forces used dowsers to find water at Gallipoli. In 1952, the British used dowsing in order to find water for 9,000 men when building a headquarters in Germany. In 1967, the New York Times featured an article on how the U.S. Marines were using dowsers to detect enemy tunnels. Yes, dowsing does work, and this book shows you how to do it. In these pages you will find numerous ways of dowsing, from map dowsing (using a pendulum over a map) to the famous forked wand used by "water witches." You will also learn about the use of divining rods (with explicit directions on how to make them from common clothes hangers) and less-common tools such as pliers, scissors, a single wand, a ruler, a pencil, your hand, or even your entire body. These instructions for the use of dowsing tools are the most complete you will find anywhere. In fact, Uri Geller, the famous Israeli psychic who has gained much fame by dowsing, wrote that this book is "extremely informative, factual, and one of the best 'how-to' books I have ever read. It\'s a must for believers and could monetarily change your life." You will find that the many illustrations and photos make the entire process easy to learn and fun to do. Once you learn the basic techniques, the book goes into more advanced information. You will learn how to dowse small and large areas. If you find a vein of water, you can use dowsing to determine how deep it is and how much water it will produce. You will learn the secrets of dowsing with a map and how to practice and use a pendulum. You will also learn the secrets of dowsing without any external tools, using just your body or your hand. Besides finding such things as water, oil, precious minerals and lost objects, you can also use dowsing for self-improvement. This is done by asking yourself a question repeatedly while holding a pendulum, then looking at its motion. This sort of yes-no questioning can lead to ways out of problems and can even prevent them from occurring. Dowsing can also be used to solve health problems in pets and other animals and for determining what your plants might need for optimum growth and health. You can also use it to determine health problems in your body and the bodies of others. This is known as "radiesthesia." The technique is fully explained in the book so you can use it. The uses for dowsing seem almost limitless. It can be used to help find sites for archeological digs or it can be used as a type of lie detector. You are only limited by your imagination. The book also includes the stores of some excellent contemporary dowsers, letting you see that this skill is alive and working today. If you practice the techniques in this book, perhaps you\'ll be included in a future edition.