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Paperback - SubTitle: Everything You Need to Know from Start to Finish
By Teresa Michelsen - This Version is Out of Print

Tarot study can be daunting, with all the complex associations that the cards hold.
The Complete Tarot Reader by Teresa C. Michelsen is possibly the best-structured learning tool,
because it is organized like a study guide, including goals, activities and exercises.
You learn easy methods for familiarizing yourself with a Tarot deck,
as the book encourages you to use your own life experiences and knowledge
to develop a personal understanding of the cards that transcends any memorized list.
Everything is covered in depth.
You'll come to understand: The basis of intuitive Tarot reading
- Suit correspondences and numerology of the numbered cards of all suits
- Astrology and personality for the court cards
- Historical and personal themes in the Major Arcana
- Reading for yourself and others
- How to overcome reader's block
- Intermediate reading techniques
The Complete Tarot Reader covers basic and complex methodology, including
reversals, elemental dignities, timing of events, formulation of questions,
numerology and the Tarot, astrology and the Tarot, symbols on the cards
and much more.
288 Pages