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Paperback - SubTitle: Chinese Healing, Energy and Natural Magick
By L.V. Carnie
Chi gung is the art of developing and utilizing the chi energy that is within your body, the environment, and even the wildest reaches of your imagination. In L. V. Carnie's book, Chi Gung, you will learn exactly how to develop and expand that energy, and then how you can use it to heal yourself and others, and to develop spiritual abilities. Chi Gung is also a book of magick unlike any you've seen before. There are no spells, incantations, or exotic equipment. Instead you will find a variety of simple yet powerful exercises for body, mind, and spirit that allow you to open the secret power of the cosmos within you. By learning to coordinate your breathing with various postures and conscious awareness, this book shows how you can increase your personal chi supply and achieve remarkable, even magical results: - Slow the aging process - Alter your metabolism - Heal yourself of minor ailments - Communicate with plants and animals - Move objects with your mind - Read someone's spirit - Withstand cold, heat, and pain - Heal your pets - Self-defense - Read the vibrations of an object or place (psychometry) - Predict your future. Does this sound fantastic? Impossible? It's not. People have been practicing chi gung for thousands of years and have documented results that defy most people's concept of what is possible for a human to achieve. It has been said that our preconceptions limit what we can do. Using the techniques in this book you can cast aside your preconceptions, break through your limitations, and use chi gung to help you: - Cure facial tics - Defeat congestion - Gain energy - Clear chest pain - Relieve backache - Cure headaches - Help someone who has fainted - Help someone overcome arthritis All through the book there are exercises and techniques to help you improve your chi. First there are basic exercises and stretches, to help you become familiar with what chi feels like. Then you will learn exercises with amazing, evocative names such as "The Cormorant Spreads His Wings" and "The Beautiful Flower Opens and Closes Her Petals." Once you have the basics, you will learn seven types of chi gung training techniques. These include physical training such as walking barefoot and whirling; mental training, including developing your intuition and visualization; emotional training, including developing patience and self-confidence; and health training, with advice on diet and exercise. The book also includes information on developing chi through activity training, including playing and listening to music and even playing video games. Sensory training includes ways to develop all of your senses, and nature training will teach you about tracking animals and watching the sky. All of these will help you to increase your chi. Finally, you will learn advanced chi gung, including reading people's minds and traveling through your dreams. The author also includes tips, advice, and a glossary to make your studies easier. Chi gung may be the most powerful system for developing spiritual energy available. It can be adapted to any spiritual practices. With the help of this book your energy and your magick will increase exponentially.