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Paperback - SubTitle: The Direct Path to Consciousness
By Richard Potter
In this groundbreaking book, Richard Potter, an academic and a mystic, sets forth a revolutionary thesis:
to evolve personally, spiritually, and globally, we need a new concept of spirituality that is not tied to culturally specific beliefs and practices. - The idea that any one religion has a monopoly on the divine is a concept that has led to bigotry, bloodshed, and war throughout both the ancient and modern world. Recent global events have increased our awareness of the violence that can be unleashed by extremist followers of religions who claim to promote peace while waging war. - The time has come for a spirituality of consciousness. By focusing on consciousness instead of dogma, it becomes possible to realize the core truths of world religions without being bound to outdated beliefs and customs that no longer serve humanity. - Learn core consciousness-expanding practices including meditation, breathwork, sound work, and retreats. Explore ways to open your heart, achieve self mastery, evaluate spiritual teachers, and attain spiritual freedom, all steps on the path to greater contentment, clarity, compassion, and a profound sense of inner peace. Take a spiritual adventure beyond the bounds of time and place with one of today\'s most original spiritual thinkers.