Crystal Fantasy Bookstore was established in 1991.
We have been serving the metaphysical community with our products
and services for over 28 years.

We welcome those seeking healing within their body, mind and spirit, and in relationship to others.
We are open to persons
of all faiths and belief systems who seek expanded spiritual growth and
development without dogma or prejudice, and who
desire to live and work for balance, peace,
healing and harmony in the world.

We are dedicated to assisting others in raising their consciousness, and understanding their
spiritual purpose and path in life.

We also offer inspirational spiritual, metaphysical, civil non-religious, traditional or non traditional and
customized services
and ceremonies such as weddings, baby blessings and celebrations of life.
Need a legal officient just get in touch with us.

Questions?  Please email us at: Crystal Fantasy ~ Store of Sacred Light Temple
or call us during our business
9am-5pm Monday - Friday